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Speed up WordPress on IIS 7.0

Since the time this article has been written the WP Super Cache plugin has changed a lot. I cannot guarantee at this point that the instructions below will work. Note that new caching plugins have been developed that support IIS better. I recommend to try out W3 Total Cache plugin which has support for IIS and WinCache.

The performance of WordPress may be sufficient for an average blog that gets a few page hits per minute. However, if your blog post suddenly shows up on or any other social networking site, it may become challenging for server to handle such huge spike in traffic. A few options exist to help server to cope with flood of requests:

  • IIS Output Caching
  • WP Cache plugin for WordPress
  • WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress

In this post I will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option and walk through the steps for configuring IIS and WordPress to use those options. Continue Reading »


ruslany on December 23rd 2008 in PHP, WordPress


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Enable custom errors in WordPress on IIS 7.0

The information in this post is not applicable anymore because the update that fixes the custom errors problem in IIS 7.0 FastCGI module has been made available . Read the release announcement to get more details about the update.

Recently, I found out that my WordPress powered blog did not correctly handle 404 – File Not Found errors. When a request was made to a non-existent page, then instead of getting nice WordPress based error page, visitors used to get a generic IIS 7.0 404 error page. Somehow, I have missed that part of the configuration when I set up WordPress initially. The fix for that turned out to be very simple, but since it seems to be a very common configuration task when hosting WordPress on IIS 7.0, I decided to explain the necessary configuration steps.

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ruslany on December 5th 2008 in PHP, WordPress


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