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WinCache Extension 1.1 for PHP – Beta 2

Today IIS team has published a second beta of WinCache 1.1, which has the following new features and improvements :

  • File Change Notifications – the entries in the opcode and file caches are now updated as soon as the corresponding PHP files are modified on a file system. This is very useful for PHP applications that store its configuration in PHP files – for example Joomla!. Now the configuration changes for those applications take effect right away instead of a 30 seconds delay (default cache refresh interval);
  • Persistent Session Handler – the content of the WinCache session cache is persisted on disk so that it is not lost during IIS worker process recycling.
  • Lock/Unlock API’s – these API’s can be used to obtain/release an exclusive lock on a key in the cache.

The beta builds of the extension can be downloaded and installed from the extension home page at: (look for the “WinCache 1.1 – Beta 2” section there). The source code can be obtained from The documentation for the extension can be found on PHP.NET WinCache documentation.

To learn how to change popular PHP applications to use WinCache 1.1 features refer to the following:

This is the beta release and the WinCache team is looking for your feedback on new features and functionality. Use the WinCache Community Forum to ask questions about the extension, report bugs and problems and to suggest features and improvements.

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ruslany on April 29th 2010 in PHP, WinCache


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Visual Studio XML IntelliSense for URL Rewrite 2.0

Last year I published an XML schema for URL Rewrite 1.1 that could be used to enable IntelliSense support when editing rewrite rules in Visual Studio XML editor. Now that the URL Rewrite 2.0 has been released, the old schema will not work for the the new configuration elements introduced in the v2.0. Use the link below to download the schema for URL Rewrite 2.0:

VS IntelliSense for URL Rewrite 2.0

Disclaimer: The schema file and the helper script file contained in this package are provided by me and not by Microsoft. They are not officially supported by Microsoft. Use them at your own risk.

Follow the same instructions as in Visual Studio XML IntelliSense for URL Rewrite 1.1 to add the schema to the Visual Studio schema cache. If after following the instructions the IntelliSense does not work then follow the instructions at Not getting IntelliSense in your web.config for system.webServer sections in Visual Studio 2008?.


ruslany on April 23rd 2010 in URLRewrite


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Slides and Questions from PHP on Windows Webcast

On April 9, Mark Brown and I did a PHP|Architect webcast “PHP Performance On Windows”. The slides from the presentation have been published at the following link:

PHP Performance on Windows – slides

There were a number of question at the end of the webcast that we did not get to answer due to lack of time. This blog post provides answers to those questions. Continue Reading »


ruslany on April 13th 2010 in FastCGI, PHP, WinCache


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Time-dependent URL rewriting

This post explains how to configure time-dependent URL rewriting rules by using IIS URL Rewrite 2.0. Time-dependent URL rewriting may be useful when you want to rewrite or redirect HTTP requests based on the time of day or when you need to take the entire site or some parts of the site offline for a scheduled period of time.

The rewrite rules are not time-aware, but it is relatively easy to add the time-dependent functionality by using URL Rewrite 2.0 extensibility. Follow the steps below to add a scheduler rewrite provider for URL Rewrite module. Continue Reading »

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ruslany on April 4th 2010 in URLRewrite


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