URL Rewrite Module – Go Live release

Today IIS team has made the Go Live release of URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7.0 available for download. This release contains significant functionality and performance improvements and it is believed to have a quality level suitable for production deployments.

Download the Go Live release of the module today!

Note that the installer for URL Rewrite Module includes the FastCGI update for IIS 7.0. If this update has not been yet installed on your machine it will be installed together with URL Rewrite Module.

New Features since CTP release

Here are the features that are new since CTP release (for a complete list of features and changes since CTP release, refer to this article):

  • Support for IIS kernel mode and user mode output caching. IIS 7.0 output caching provides significant performance improvements for web applications. URL rewrite module is fully compatible with both types of output caching. This means that now it is possible to safely cache responses for rewritten URL’s and thus boost the performance of web applications that rely on URL rewriting.
  • Lower case conversion. A lower case conversion function called “ToLower” can be used within rewrite rule to convert any rule input string or substitution URL to lower case.
  • Rule templates. Rule template is an extension for URL rewrite module user interface, that simplifies creation of rewrite rules for a particular task.  The Go Live release of the module includes 3 built-in rule templates, plus it allows plugging in any number of custom templates:

  • UI for testing of regular expression and wildcard patterns. A GUI tool for testing rule patterns is included into the module’s user interface. The tool can be used to quickly check how the regular expression or wildcard pattern works. Also, it can be used for troubleshooting and debugging of problems related to pattern matching.
  • UI for managing rewrite maps. Rewrite maps can be added, removed and edited by using “URL Rewrite Module” feature in IIS Manager.

More information

The following additional resources for the Microsoft URL Rewrite Module are available on IIS.net:

Also, be sure to visit the URL Rewrite Forum on IIS.NET if you have run into any problems when using the module or have questions or suggestions.

8 thoughts on “URL Rewrite Module – Go Live release”

  1. Hi Ruslan, this is great news! Couple of questions though:

    1) Can I install it on top of the CTP version or should I uninstall it first? If so, will my rules be preserved?

    2) Is ARR module working with this Go Live release? Or will the gold version of ARR be released any time soon?


  2. Borek,

    1) It is better if you un-install CTP and then install Go Live release. When you un-install CTP, the rules in your web.config file will be preserved. If you had rules in applicationHost.config files those will be removed when you un-install, so I would recommend to back up the applicationHost.config in that case.

    2) ARR module CTP works with the Go Live release or URL Rewrite Module.

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