IIS Documentation Updates on PHP.NET

PHP.NET web site is known for its well written and very detailed documentation. The excellent content together with tons of user contributed notes has made the PHP.NET the primary place for getting the help on all PHP related questions.

However there was one thing in the PHP docs that was still not up-to-date. The Windows and IIS-specific installation and configuration sections did not cover the latest changes in Windows, such as IIS 7 and FastCGI. Now I am glad to let everyone know that this part of the PHP documentation is also being updated!

Check out the first batch of updates:

The content is still being updated and there are plans to add more instructions, such as how to install PHP on Windows with PHP Installer, how to easily upgrade to PHP 5.3, how to run multiple PHP versions side by side, etc. If you have any suggestions on the updated content or if you have any additional instructions that you think will be useful, please submit user notes on PHP.NET.

2 thoughts on “IIS Documentation Updates on PHP.NET”

  1. I very much appreciated this post… as of now i’m planning to do a self-study on PHP.Net, knowing from the post that i could get some help learning PHP.Net through the documentations and update… im already enthusiatic to learn…

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