WinCache Extension 1.0.1 – Servicing Release

The new release of WinCache Extension for PHP – version 1.0.1 – is available for download. This is a servicing release that has fixes for bugs reported in v1.0. In particular the following fixes and changes have been made in this release:

  • Fixed require_once on PHP5.3. If the files were absolute and similar files were included in different case, require_once was including it twice.
  • Changed relative path cache to act as resolve path cache. Incremented refcounts under aplist lock. Did comparison using InterlockedCompareExchange.
  • Fixed crashes which were happening because aplist refcount and opcode cache refcount can get out of sync due to local cache.
  • Exposed is_local_cache property from ocache_fileinfo and fcache_fileinfo. Stats page will use this to indicate when local opcode data is shown.
  • Updated the wincache.php to pass chart data on query string to ensure that the charts show the same data that is displayed in tables
  • Updated the wincache.php to show whether information about a global or local cache instance is being displayed
  • Changed variable names and comments to indicate rplist is resolve path cache and not just relative path cache
  • Changed wincache.php to use resolve_path instead of relative_path

The new release is available for download from the extension’s home page at: The source code for the extension is available on PHP PECL page here: The documenation for the extension can be found at

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