PHP 5.5, WinCache 1.3.5 available in Azure Web Sites

The recent upgrade of Windows Azure Web Sites includes several PHP related improvements:

First, the PHP 5.5 is now available. The PHP 5.4 becomes the default version used for newly created sites.

Note that there is no SQL Server Extension support for PHP 5.5.

Second, the latest version (1.3.5) of WinCache Extension for PHP  is used with all PHP versions available in Azure Web Sites (5.3, 5.4, 5.5). Note that with PHP 5.5 the WinCache extension relies on the the Zend Opcode cache and hence it has its own opcode cache disabled. This can be seen in the phpinfo() output:

All other cache types in WinCache Extension are still enabled (file cache, session cache, user cache).

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